• Great job by attorneys done for us several times. Very professional and inexpensive. Will call them next time we need help. Would recommend

    - Mika Transport

  • This man has helped me in my darkest time of need. I received a letter from a random collector asking to collect on a credit card debt owned by my late mother, After reaching out to Mr. Szczypta for help, not only was he able to prove that so much time had passed, this debt no longer applied to her late son, but he did it pro bono. I make a low income living, and he was generous enough to help me free of charge to the point where I could cry tears of joy and gratitude for his actions. And that's not all. During contact with him, I mentioned in passing how I needed a new mouse for my computer. A week later, he mailed me a new wireless mouse from Amazon. Also, he offered his old laptop for me to use in my search for a new job. Most importantly, he believes in me enough to keep pushing me to look for better in myself. He is a wonderful human being, a terrific lawyer, and deserves all the praise in the world for his generosity and kindness. This man has not failed me, HE WILL NOT FAIL YOU. God Bless, Kevin O'Brien

    - Kevin O'Brien

  • Number one place to seek legal advice, professional help and representation that is worth your hard earned dollar. Very professional knowledgeable and sharp. I've seen Szczypta in real action, his experience and expertise paid off. His skills and effective methods got me the best results possible. Thank YOU SZCZYPTA&KACZOR AT LAW

    - Greg Koza

  • My experience with attorneys at Szczypta & Kaczor law offices was very positive. Attorneys are very knowledgeable, honest, straightforward, very good strategic thinkers and strong negotiators. They have never showed any sloppiness. Their pricing was absolutely fair and I never felt like they were looking for minutes to bill. I have used Kaczor & Szczypta law offices more then once and I would never hesitate to refer these law services to anyone. I have and will continue to recommend them to others. Thank you for all your help, Peter Iwan

    - Peter Iwan

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