Business and Transport Law

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Business law

Business law governs business and commerce. This includes laws which regulate formation, operation and dissolution of a business. Business law establishes rules regarding contracts, sales and purchases. While federal laws provide general framework for economic activity, state laws give specifics in each area and may differ substantially from federal regulations. In Illinois, for example, non-compete laws between employer and employees are enforceable while other states consider them unenforceable.

The Most important business laws in Illinois

From Illinois entrepreneur’s point of view three most important laws that regulate business structure, its functioning and relationships between companies, customers and intermediaries are Business Corporation Act, Illinois Limited Liability Company Act and Uniform Partnership Act. Knowledge and ability to interpret these as well as many other regulationsis are necessary to run any business. Moreover, entrepreneurs have to keep an eye on all of the changes in relevant laws, particularly if company operates from different states or even countries. To ensure that the business’ activities compel with current regulations, assistance of our Chicago business lawyer is recommended. Assistance of a business attorney is of uttermost importance particularly while signing contracts and settling disputes. Our Chicago business lawyers from KS Law Group, LLC, also represent their clients in court and during administrative hearings.

transportation law

Transportation law

Transportation law regulates transportation infrastructure of passengers and cargo. At first glimpse, transportation law doesn’t seem to be overly complex but unfortunately, that’s not the case. There are many variables that business owners have to take into their account such as services range (local, national, international), mode of transport (water, air, land – rail, road and off-road) and type of cargo. Both regular as well as intermittent transportation of passengers requires appropriate licenses and / or permits. Companies carrying hazardous cargo and materials are subjected to even stricter regulations. Moving dangerous goods entail fulfilling additional criteria and obtaining relevant certificates. Moreover, most transport services are contract based and have to comply with existing regulations.


Transportation attorney assistance

Regulations regarding transportation of goods and people are quite complex, particularly if a given company operates on interstate or international scale. In such a case, it’s easy to make a mistake with acute consequences for the business owner. That’s why you should retain a Chicago transport lawyer from KS Law Group, LLC. Our law firm provides professional assistance including but is not limited to negotiatingon and draft of contracts. Our lawyers may not only assist you with settlement of disputes and claims but also with draft of contracts and representation in court.

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