Criminal and Traffic Law

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DUI – Driving Under Influence

As far as Driving Under Influence is concerned, Illinois law treats such cases very seriously. Depending on whether it was your first offence or relapse, you can have your driving license suspended for anywhere between three months and two years. Facing such situation, you should immediately contact a DUI lawyer from KS Law Group, LLC, who can represent you in informal or formal hearing at Department of Motor Vehicles, regarding reinstatement of your driving license.

Driving without permits / fines

Exceeding speed limit, driving without belts fastened, using phone while driving or simply driving without appropriate permits may result in a fine. Such punishment doesn’t sound acute – particularly compared to driver’s license suspension or custodial sentence. Each ticket will be noted on your driving record, which is of uttermost importance for commercial drivers during job search as well as getting insurance quotes. Moreover, any unpaid tickets may be reflected on your criminal record . To avoid unpleasant surprises in the future you should contact an attorney from KS Law Group, LLC, who specializes in traffic law.

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Chicago criminal defense attorney assistance

No matter whether you’re a victim or perpetrator, you should contact a Chicago criminal lawyer from KS Law Group, LLC, immediately. In many situations, prompt reaction and professional assistance may resolve any issues at the stage of preliminary hearings without necessity of proceeding in court. Criminal law attorney’s assistance is invaluable in many cases, including but not limited to Driving Under Influence, shoplifting, drug offences, domestic violence or assault and battery.

Our Chicago criminal lawyer from KS Law Group, LLC, may assist you with expungement and sealing of criminal records. Many people are unaware of such opportunity until they face difficulties in getting new job or financial loan, which they wouldn’t have if not for the criminal record. Of course, not every offence qualifies to be expunged or sealed, but a criminal attorney may quickly help you to determine whether your case is eligible and how to proceed from there.


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